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Interview: Air Methods Assistant Chief

podcast Apr 16, 2021


In this interview, Jason shares some of his mindsets to adopt in order to succeed as an aviator. More importantly, he humbly admits to some hard lessons he has learned the hard way so you don’t have to, thus unveiling lessons that every pilot should learn so they can return home safely – every single time.

Acronyms to note:

  • VFR – Visual Flight Rules
  • IFR – Instrument Flight Rules
  • VMC – Visual Meterological Conditions
  • IMC – Instrument Meterological Conditions
  • IICM – Inadvertent Instrument Meterological Conditions
  • EDP – Enroute Decision Point
  • LZ – Landing Zone
  • MCAS – The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System
  • EP – Emergency Procedure
  • Collective – A lever-type helicopter flight control that is raised and lowered to make the helicopter climb and descend
  • Cyclic – A stick-type helicopter flight control that resided between the pilots knees that controls the tilt of the helicopters rotor disc in any 360º direction
  • Autorotation – The aerodynamic flight condition where the upward flow of air through the rotor disc causes the blades to rotate instead of the engine as the helicopter descends as a result of an engine failure 
  • IGE – In ground effect hover (usually within 3-5′ off the ground)
  • OGE – Out of ground effect hover (hovering when the helicopter is higher that one rotor disc diameter from the ground)
  • TBO – Time before overhaul is when most rotating parts need to be replaced. Usually occurs around 2000 hours for most helicopters
  • POH – Pilot operating handbook (basically the user manual to the aircraft)
  • CFI – Certified flight instructor
  • The Envelope – The tested performance capabilities of an aircraft (easily exceeded by pilots who don’t fully understand the fatalistic consequences)
  • CRM – Crew Resource Management (a language of open communication that airmen and crew members use to ensure all resources are being utilized to mitigate risk)
  • R22
  • H125 (Astar)
  • B206 (Jet Ranger)
  • H130 (EC 130)
  • MD902 Explorer

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