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articles career Apr 03, 2021

Why Should You Join Women in Aviation?

Perhaps the best benefit of joining Women in Aviation International (WAI) is the potential of connecting with other like-minded individuals that share a love of aviation. 

Joining WAI opens the door to an exclusive behind-the-scenes view of commercial and business aviation. And, the best part, you do not have to be a pilot to be included in the field of aviation! Just like other businesses, aviation companies also need accountants, HR personnel, and many other business supporting roles.

A Passionate Circle Making Waves

Join WAI to meet the passionate individuals who make the industry’s gears turn. Network with Air Traffic Controllers, Business Development Executives, Commercial and Corporate Flight Attendants, A&P Technicians, Aircraft Salesmen, Marketing Executives and more!

  • WAI Members are in 83 countries

  • Nearly 150 chapters internationally

  • Over 115 chapters across the US


Within WAI, you will find many resume-building opportunities, including leadership positions within local chapters as well as year-round volunteer positions. WAI strives to be a part of local events by tabling air shows, visiting local schools, and hosting the popular annual Girls In Aviation Day event. Another benefit of becoming a member is the opportunity to apply for local and national scholarships by submitting a short essay. 

Resume Building Opportunities

  • Chapter Leadership Positions
  • Volunteer Work
  • Educational Resources
  • Become a Mentor



  • 151 Scholarships Awarded in 2020 Valued at $831,365
  • $13.2M Awarded since 1995
  • Local and Int’l Scholarships

Another fantastic way to get involved is to attend the big WAI Conference held each year. WAI2021 will be the first Virtual Conference ever and will be held during March 11th-12th, 2021!

Only some of the industry’s best will be speaking and you get to listen in from the comfort of your home or office. Without travel and lodging expenses too might I add! Take notes from keynote speakers and professional development seminars. There is much to discover at the WAI Conference from uncovering career possibilities to resources available such as the Mentor Program.

Why navigate alone when there are helpful resources and colleagues to connect with! WAI offers a Mentor Program where you can connect with someone who can share their experience in a field you may be interested to learn more about. You don’t know what you don’t know, which is why it is crucial to acquire knowledge on paths you wish to pursue to ensure the best foot forward. 

Being a member allows entry into many scholarship opportunities awarded locally and nationally.

As Assistant Secretary of WAI North Texas in 2020, I can say that life long friends have been made and opportunities have been found. Watching my friends and colleagues grow together in their aviation endeavors has been incredibly inspirational. To share knowledge with our peers is how we lift each other up. Encourage, support, and be the light!

We are excited to share that Avic Air will be hosting a giveaway on our Instagram @AvicAir during the conference! We will be giving away a FREE Helicopter Flying Handbook Audiobook!! (It’s more than just an audiobook!) Follow and connect with us to enter into the giveaway!

I hope to “see” you at the first ever virtual WAI Conference!

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