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The Helicopter Flying Handbook is a mandatory read for all helicopter pilots. 

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Unstructured training in aviation yields an 80% dropout rate. Clear objectives and user accountability will help you reach the finish line!

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Ask questions and share your experience! Tacit knowledge is lost every time a pilot leave the training sector. You can always come back and ask questions or give advice with your network.

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Generic knowledge exams leave gaps in understanding. The AudioCourse tests are written by experienced commercial pilots who are also successful instructors. 

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Reading a book alone yields roughly a 10% retention rate. Hearing the material doubles it, and doing both brings you up to 50% retention rate! Joining the discussions and taking the quizzes can drastically improve your learning.

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Pick up where you left off! It doesn't matter if you use mobile or desktop, Avic Air syncs across all devices. 

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Facebook can be a wonderful resource if used correctly. We are going for quality over quantity with this group. So far, we have some of the most highly experienced helicopter pilots ready to answer your training questions based on real-world experience

This group is also an excellent career development resource and networking opportunity!

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In addition to the LIVE monthly webinars that cover the various topics in this book, you will also receive a 50% discount on TWO one-on-one online training sessions. This is great for checkride prep or just to accelerate your ground training.

  • FREE group monthly technical training sessions included
  • 50% OFF discount on a checkride prep session.

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Don't just read this book by yourself on an island, join a nation of aviators who want to dive into the material. 

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Don't read this book all by yourself, join a group of pilots who want to dive deeper into the topics, discuss real-world scenarios, and test their knowledge!

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