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We aim to improve the quality of life for aviators by:

  1. Improving access to sustainable and equitable opportunity. 
  2. Integrating field experience with venture technology to make safety accessible to all participants.

The Future of Aviation

Crewmembers are unplugged from paper or outdated technology that handles the process of safety hazard collection and dissemination.

Avic Air is currently devising a plan to easily collect hazard data that is observed on the operational level and quickly disseminate the resolution in real-time. 

Technology Venture


Integrated Machine Learning

  • Real-time dissemination of digital pilot alerts
  • Knowledge tracking for 100% compliance.
  • Live maintenance tracking
  • Human Factors Integrated Crew Dashboard
  • Flight Communication Platform 
  • Remote Weather Reporting

The Latest from the Blog

Reduce Profit Margin and Increase Pay

Resale value is one of the largest areas of unnecessary expense. Delicate components of an aircraft such as windscreens, paint, and avionics are regularly damaged by untrained crewmembers. 

Fatigue and Alcohol Tracking

It has been proven that fatigue and alcohol have a similar effect on reaction times, so why do we only track alcohol intake when fatigue is one of the biggest culprits in human error? 

Wasted Budget Leaves Pilots Using Sign Language in 2021 While Passengers Wait at the Gate.

The technology exists to have immediate real-time communications, but the industry refuses to utilize it due short-sighted budget constraints.

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