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Helicopter AudioCourse

Aircraft Owner Training Mentorship

We work with your insurance provider to get you the best rates possible.

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IFR Training

Instrument training in actual conditions in your IFR certified aircraft. 

Airframe Training

Airframe specific training in your aircraft on your schedule.

Operational Training

We customize training to ensure you are operating as safe as possible.

Online Checkride Prep


Think you are ready for your checkride? Put your knowledge to the test with online oral prep. We will help fill in the gaps in your knowledge.


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Helicopter Aerodynamics

10 Hour Class

In-person Zoom Training 

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What can you expect from Avic Aircraft Management?

Avic Air is all about putting the fun back into flying while maintaining a safe operation. Owning an aircraft is a full-time job. Let us handle the back end while you enjoy your asset. 

Best Rates

Take advantage of our extensive network of aircrew, insurance affiliations and maintenance facilities to save thousands!

Virtual Co-Pilot

We will be available to help you with flight planning, airworthiness, scheduling, and logistics with all of your trips.


Operational assistance can be personalized to fit your fitness needs and schedule.



Aircraft Management

  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Pilot Scheduling
  • Quality Control
  • Pilot Services
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In addition to your aircraft management services, you'll get unlimited access to our online courses and a reserved seat in live online training events. 

Rick Guthery

"It is refreshing to see students finally understand the material on their checkride."


Ted Groesbeck

"My accountant is very happy with the aircraft management! I had no idea how much money could be saved with an aircraft manager - it has paid for itself at least twice over."

-Aircraft Owner

Steve Parker

"Becoming a pilot with solid foundation is paramount. Added to the excellent flight instruction, the ground school process was a detailed, in-depth, and comprehensive program."

-Aircraft Owner

Lance Atkins

"Learning to fly a helicopter was one of the most memorable times I have ever had. As a CEO, the flexible training schedule was a key factor in the timely completion of my training."

-Aircraft Owner

Bob Namoff

"This online instruction is one fo the best ones available. It has instilled confidence and knowledge during every step of the process."

-Aircraft Owner

Richard Ginsberg

"Ian cares about his students and devotes constant and consistent time and energy into ensuring success. I am fortunate to have had him as both my flight and ground instructor."


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